Happy New Year!

Wowsers 2019 - where did that come from? It certainly snuck up on us I can tell you that. 2018 was a bit of a world-wind, we started the year as business as usual but quickly realised that some big changes needed to be made, moving the bakery wasn't something we'd planned to do after only two years in business but needs must and so the planning began! In the midst of this we also welcomed our third child to the world, Rowan was born in April completing our little family. It has been said a lot that we don't do things by halves, which is true, in for a penny in for a pound!
So what for 2019? We have lots of exciting plans for new products to fill our shiny new shop - watch this space. But we also hope to be able to share the workload this year with our fantastic team we now have. It's taken some time but we feel we finally have a group of people with a common enthusiasm and love for our business and our products which makes things a lot easier for us :-)
Finally, a massive thank you to you our customers and supporters for all you've done in 2018, from your crowdfunding pledges, words of support and of course your custom week in week out. There are many people who started out as our earliest customers but we are now so happy to call real friends, you know who you are :-)