Is a ‘Digestion Boost Loaf’ really necessary?

We’re often asked what we mean by ‘Real Bread’ bakery and what is ‘Real Bread’. The launch of a so-called ‘Digestion Boost Loaf’ this week by Robert’s bakers has prompted me to try to put down on paper and in simple terms, what exactly we mean 😊
In a very small nutshell – being part of the Real Bread Campaign ( and being passionate about their principles means that we don’t add anything to our loaves that doesn’t need to be there. That doesn’t mean that we can’t add tasty ingredients like nuts, cheese, herbs, olives etc, Real Bread definitely isn’t boring! But it does mean that there’s no improvers or additives which are added to most supermarket loaves.
Whilst we completely understand that sometimes it’s easy to simply chuck a loaf into your supermarket trolley – if you look at the ingredients you’ll see a list which includes the likes of ascorbic acid, various E numbers and emulsifiers, calcium propionate to name just a few! Most of these are added in order to extend the life of the loaf, make it extra fluffy and light or inhibit mould growth, but they certainly don’t sound like something I would personally want to be regularly consuming or feeding to my children. So you might be thinking – well I need that loaf to last me all week for packed lunches and the like, well why not buy a real loaf (have it sliced if it’s easier) and then pop it in the freezer, taking out slices as required to either defrost or toast.
So is the so called ‘Digestion Boost Loaf’ really necessary or a clever marketing campaign? – in our opinion it’s much of the latter, with the important word in this article being ‘preservatives being removed as well as SOME of the additives’.

If you want true digestion boosting then why not opt for a simple sourdough made with nothing other than flour, water, salt and lots of time and love.
If you’d like more info on what’s in any of our products then please do just ask. For more info on the Real Bread Campaign visit
Caveat: Whilst everyone has the right to choose to eat Real Bread, that is to say: made without the use of any so-called processing aids or other artificial additives, the current, long-standing mandatory addition of four ‘token’ nutrients to most flour in Britain all but denies us this right. Fortification of the majority of wheat flours with calcium carbonate, iron, thiamin (vitamin B1) and nicotinamide is an ongoing debate and more info can be found at