Welcome to our new website!

Thanks so much for having a look. We've worked really hard on creating what is hopefully a much more user friendly and practical site where you can have a look at our products and find out about classes etc.

Thanks also for taking the time out to read our first ever blog post! We plan to post here as often as possible on a mix of topics, general updates, anything interesting that's happening in the world of bread, and we'll mix up who writes them so they're not all the same person (this is Jenn!).

We're sure you're aware that the last couple of months have been massively hectic times for us! We took the decision to move the bakery after A LOT of thought and some real soul searching on our part. In an ideal world we'd have rather stayed in the one building - bakery and shop together, one lot of rent and overheads etc etc. but the reality was that we just couldn't stay as we were. Space-wise we were literally crammed in, and the toll was starting to show on the building, which was never built to house such industrial ovens and bakery machines.

Anyway fast-forward to now and we're really happy with how things are - the new bakery looks and works fantastically, we can (and already are) produce much, much more for our wholesale customers as well as our shop. The shop is so much more staff-friendly and obviously the extra space is great, we still need to finish off a few bits and make it more 'homely' but that will come. We've been blown away by the, mostly, positive feedback on the shop - there have been some comments, we always knew we'd lose the smell of the baking and the atmosphere of James throwing flour around and generally making a mess, but unfortunately that was what had to happen. 

Christmas ordering is now in full swing and we're already getting lots back. Once we get over the most hectic part of our year watch this space for more new products, warm takeaway items, soups and savouries :-) 

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